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Maker of fine percussion and wind instruments
sharing his skills with the community by offering Ashiko drum construction workshops, School Presentations, CD's and drum repair

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    Cincinnati Workshop July 1-2 & 5th


    Waco Cultural Arts Fest Sept 16-17-18


    Texas drum making Workshop TBA seeking a Host

    Finished Drum Prices

    Rich Spirit's Finished Ashiko Drums are popular because of their light weight, amazing sound and beauty. The drums are made of salvaged redwood, pine, poplar, maple, black walnut, mohogany, luan, oak, ash and cedar; the head is goat skin (with or without fur); the rope is black climbing rope; the rings of welded 1/4" steel are padded and wrapped with extraordinary fabric. The drums have an appreciated resonating base, a high-pitched edge, and a loud sharp slap.
    (Prices do not include shipping, please contact for quote)

    The Force 30" tall $500.00 The Force 30" tall hardwood $550.00
    The Reincarnated 27" tall $400.00 The Reincarnated 27" tall hardwood $440.00
    The Flow 24" tall $320.00 The Flow 24" tall hardwood $360.00
    The Harmony 20" tall $225.00 The Harmony 20" tall hardwood $265.00
    The Truth 18" tall $165.00 The Truth 18" tall hardwood $200.00
    The Spirit 16" tall $120.00 The Spirit 16" tall hardwood $155.00
    The Baby 14" tall $100.00 The Baby 14" tall hardwood $130.00

    Goat Skin Heads

    14" hairy $13.00 14" without hair $9.00
    16" hairy $19.00 16" without hair $12.00
    18" hairy $25.00 18" without hair $15.00
    22" hairy $30.00 22" without hair $19.00
    26" hairy $35.00 26" without hair $26.00
    30" hairy $40.00 30" without hair $30.00
      36" without hair $40.00

    other sizes available upon request. discounts for large quantities ordered.


    Custom set of 3 : $15.00 (measure the circumference of the outside of the top of the drum and the circumference along where you want the bottom ring to be placed. Give us these measurements and we will cut and weld your rings to fit. Indicate whether you want your spacing to be a close fit (no wrapping of rings) or spaced for wrapping rings. (Space between the ring and the drum body)


    4mm black polyester climbing cord $00.20 / foot

    5 mm black polyester climbing cord $00.34 / foot



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