The apprenticeship runs like this. yea see!

You spend some time in the shop(labyrinth just now) under the direction of yours truly. I show you how to cut the planks to length and to make staves all the while praying you keep your hands and fingers out of the saws.

We do some assembly with glue and then some filing. The finer details of the experience you miss here in the written word. We learn the secrets of making rings round and the brazen can give the welder a whorl as I warn over and over not to look at the light without the special glass.

With Jay he happened to be handy for some needed roof repair which he faired through. Durring these seemingly long days he got the hang of it and thought to build these drums.

We took ease a couple of times and went to Ashland to drum and learn new rhythms

Apprentices are expected to design and build two drums. I am hopping that one entering this adventure would bring with them ideas for new, never before having been made or heard drums or membranaphones.

Of course many designs are possible. I help so we get loudness and resonance in correct proportion. We cover some math.....PIE r square and all that stuff

Also .I am not above combining the wildest of materials. Cedar and Redwood seem to be lightweight and easily worked making for that drum that gives of a warm sound and is not so cracky and sharp.

I have sources of ash and sometimes other woods as I save it from the land fill and cut it from the palates that come from overseas and the mid west.

Oak alas is very heavy and is almost never above potential for showing its strength by splitting.

However I am sure that red oak would be fine if it had been cured properly.

It seems Eastern Red cedar and Poplar are great woods as they are durable and have good bonding strength and posses high beauty with there red and green heartwoods.

Wood cut and glued, the apprentice learns some neo aboriginal tricks for making the drums look nice: no not a laith. The most important trick really is getting to know how to make the rim just perfect and always referring to the blank surface for answers.

Well! We give a go at ring welding and then the ring wrapping and lacing and where oiling four or five drums and two of them are yours that you have created and we get all our things together to head some of those drums to ingrain the process. Making sure of course your broken "ol drum" is repaired and made nice.

Soon your looking at these two great drums that you can say you conceived. Watch here for shit eating grin. In my shop trees are being reborn, a goat caused to sing in a different way, true and real reincarnation.

Here again for us to communicate with our creator and find the oneness of a group of drummers.

Allowing us to fathom the possibility of unity/oneness.