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Rich spirit removes the hair after the head is dry and tightened into place

Marc in the bay area with an Angombe

Redwood hot tub I designed and cut for Matt of Ericson Solar. It's 7 feet across at the top 2 and half inches thic with sloping sides

This is a photo of the bench I built for the hot tub

Native style tribal drums


A few all rope Ashiko's, a couple of Ashiko's with a new and easier tuning system and My Phoenix that is 36 inches tall

Three Ashiko's

My Neo-Tribal Pow-Wow Drum made of oak from an old Piano and tunable as my ashiko's are

These are some shells becomming drums.

This is a picture of a drum head laced and then prepaired for fitting onto a drum . I say it envelopes the ring it is on.

Nick of Loveland's Native style tribal drum

Les and Denny showing off their handiwork ...Rich spirit drums


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