Ashiko Drum Construction Workshops "The drum you'll love the best is the one you build yourself!"

Professional drum construction workshops. Rich Spirit has been making drums for 13 years and has been presenting workshops for over 10. He has lovingly refined his training so that any one is able to complete a high quality Ashiko Drum of their own. The making of a drum includes hands on craft skills, including knot tying, use of wood working tools, heading the drum, and achieving a quality sound in your drum. All tools and materials will be provided, all you need to do is show up and be prepared to work. Don't wear your finery as you will be amidst wood chips and glue, and be sure to bring your strength as once we are ready to tune, you will need your vigor to tighten the drum. If there is an issue with a physical disability, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you. The entire workshop will develop your love for drumming as well as your appreciation for the drum you build.

  • What will my drum sound like ? This is a looping 3.9meg wav file, loading it may take a minute
  • Weekend workshops begin at 5:00pm Friday and go till about 10:00pm. We start again at 9:00am on Saturday and go till 7:00pm. Sunday we start at 10:00am and finish tightening our drums about 1:00pm. Weekday workshops start at 5:00pm Mon. Tue, Wed. & Thur. and go till 10:00 pm. Our home workshops are in either Cincinnati or Placerville. Planning is underway to build 100 drums at this years Rainbow Gathering under our sky lodge. Workshops are available country wide. Call to arrange one in your town! Host makes his/her drum at a reduced price.

    Hundreds of folks are impressed with the quality drum they have made, look at these smiles or these new drum owners.

    Workshop Pricing:

    20" tall standard ($235) ; 20" tall, hardwood ($275)
    24" tall standard ($330) ; 24" tall, hardwood ($375)
    27" tall standard ($400) ; 27" tall, hardwood ($475)
    30" tall standard ($520) ; 30" tall, hardwood ($560)
    The 30" tall drum, The Force comes with a stand
    • Apprenticeship Program: ($465) Design and build two of your own drums over a two week period. Plus experience life in Rich Spirit's Drum Workshop.
    • please ask about student discounts